Dear Colleagues,

As every four years, the Associate Societies to the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA) in Africa organize their regional radiation protection congress to enhance the radiation protection culture and practice in the continent. From AFRIRPA1 in 2003 in South Africa, to AFRIRPA2 in 2007 in Egypt, then AFRIRPA3 in 2010 in Kenya and AFRIRPA4 in 2014 in Morocco. Tunisia is pleased to host the 5th regional congress of radiation protection from 6 to 9 September 2018. This great congress will be organized by the Tunisian Association of Radiation Protection against Ionizing and Non Ionizing Radiations (ATPRI&NI) at the prestigious city of Tunis, the cradle of the Carthage civilization.

The history of Tunis reveals a rich past where different and successive Mediterranean cultures had strong presence, since the Carthaginian civilization to the Arab-Muslim civilization through Roman civilization. Tunisian Culture is diverse and represents a unique, mixed heritage that I invite you to discover within this congress.

This event will be a privileged opportunity to meet professionals from all horizons and discuss all aspects of radiation protection, worldwide and particularly in Africa with the theme “Towards Sustainability in Radiation Protection”. The congress will focus on the evolution of techniques and scientific knowledge on the health effects of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation; regulatory and implementation of the safety standards in radiation protection, occupational, patient in medical exposure, public and environment. Discussions will be opened for the ethical issues such as risk communication or the development of a practical culture of radiation protection.

This 5th regional congress of radiation protection will be an opportunity to honour the memory of Prof. Azza Hammou, the founder of the ATPRI & NI and the president of this young association from 2013 until her death on 6 August 2017. We encourage the scientific community and the professionals of radiation protection to participate massively in order to celebrate Azza’s life, projects and dreams by making this event successful.

The core committees organising the scientific and social programme of the congress consists of experts and professionals from national, international organisations and African associations engaged in the field of radiation protection.

The congress will be enriched by plenary, parallel, poster sessions, refresher courses on all relevant scientific and operational topics in radiation protection, as well as an AFROSAFE session and a space for exhibitors. We will have the honour of hosting guest speakers who will provide us with specific topics in radiation protection.

Finally, the AFRIRPA5 will award the young professionals and researchers a prize, named “Azza Hammou”, for the work that they will present at the congress. We encourage strongly the candidates to participate in this competition.

I sincerely hope to see you among us, not only to the experience exchange that is useful for you every day but also to spend a pleasant stay and a warm welcome full of jasmine scent.


Latifa Ben Omrane

Organizing Committee President