Refresher courses

A variety of refresher courses across a number of disciplines will be available during AFRIRPA5;
Refresher courses will be held prior the opening plenary session each day of the congress please view the schedule below for all the information on the courses available, speakers and contents

*- Friday 7th September, Saturday 8th September and Sunday 9th September 2018
*- 08:00 am – 09:00 am
*- Program:

Day 1: Friday 7th September 2018
[] Medical refresher courses RC1: Prevention of Accidents in RT (D Gilley/ Chris SA)
[] Other RC2: How to establish clearance levels (Z. Zituta)

Day 2: Saturday 8th September 2018
[] Medical refresher courses RC3: Computational dosimetry
[] Other RC4: Radioactivity in Food and Water (T Colgan/ M Perez)

Day 3 : Sunday 9th September 2018
[] Medical refresher courses RC 5: DRLs in relation with image quality (J Damilakis)
[] Other RC 6: NORM Characterization (RG Tenorio)